Drink Dance Laugh

Drink, dance laugh – life’s simple pleasures which can never be denied to anyone.

Think I’m hilarious? You should read my book.

Seriously though.



As a proud South Australian and keen reader, I saw a market for a humorous chic lit narrative. I’ve got that much content it was only fitting I write a book relatable to all the women who grew up in my era.

It’s a must read for local Adelaide girls, as well as any woman out there looking for a laugh and appreciation of life – with the simple things. Grab your copy now with you’re favourite bottle of wine and settle in for a night of laughs with Ms Summer Valentine.

Drink Dance Laugh

By Danielle Shafik

‘You can’t just write a book and become a published author.

‘Just because Helen Fielding did it.’

‘Yes. Just because Helen Fielding fucking did it.’

33-year-old Adelaide born Summer Valentine is single, career-less and childless. After drinking, dancing and laughing through her twenties, she gets writing to make women smile.

Her short stories and re-told version of events commence with a gap year in England where she discovers alcohol is delicious, as are South African bar tenders. Returning home, she continues to drink herself into emergency rooms and the arms of men who never cease to disappoint. 

All the while, her career search varies by the minute as concerns for comfort, security and image triumph over happiness. Amid the chaos, Summer is surrounded by one special beau who continues to rescue her from wineries, race tracks and dance floors. 

As she hits 30, the life lessons continue with Summer’s realisation you don’t have to search for something to find something. And maybe. Just maybe. She is better off drinking and dancing and laughing through life, with no other goal.

Drink Dance Laugh is a must read for all women dating, married, vegan, or de-facto. Throughout her stories, Summer voices her opinion on societal trends regarding all things abbreviated, hash-tagged, gluten-freed and iSomethings – bringing guaranteed laughter on every page.

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