Why follow me

Laugh at my life, then give me a job.

I am an aspiring comedian, journalist, tv personality and child bearer.

Ok, so that last one was personal, but I don’t want my readers to think that I’m this bitter anti love and marriage cat lady just because I’m 30, childless and single. I’m just still looking for the one, because the majority of single men are too busy posting selfies on tinder and doing bicep curls to even contemplate dating someone who laughs at everything and insists on sharing a bed with a dog twice their size.

Did I mention I laugh at everything. Follow me and you will do the same. If not at yourself, you can laugh at me. With me, for me…whichever makes you happy.

I have so many thoughts running through my head, all day everyday that I want to share with others who may just want a laugh or who can resemble with my situations.


Side note: I’m the best Aunty in the world.


My posts revolve around life’s daily challenges and the people and nuisances I have come across. I seem to be consistent in finding humorous ways to overcome these hurdles.





Of course another intention is to get lucky in the hardest industry ever with an ambition to have my own radio show. Living in Townsville sure helps (*insert laughter emoji*).

Unfortunately, Journalism and TV is an industry where it’s all about who you know and contacts you have acquired along the way.

I landed a role up here in Townsville the day I arrived, in print journalism but it was through a contact. Goes to show that my theory is pretty spot on.

Basically, just stay tuned on my blog. IMG_3087

I can only hope that this blog happens to entertain the right people so for those of you who might be responsible for the careers of Hamish and Andy, or Fifi Box, or for those of you who are Hamish Blake, Andy Lee or Fifi Box here’s some facts.

I have a tertiary qualification in journalism, as well as experience in the Adelaide Comedy stand-up scene. I am a great host, actress, writer and presenter and have the natural ability to always be of entertainment, no matter what situation I am in, or what content needs to be relayed.

I can also carry three plates and make a cosmopolitan.

Customer service is not my strong point and whoever came up with ‘the customer is always right’ should be shot.

Happy laughing.

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