If they’re coeliac… we know.

So um…it’s Coeliac Awareness Week this week.

This initiative aims to raise awareness about Australia’s relatively low coeliac disease diagnosis rate.

Am I the only one thinking it…If someone is a coeliac, it’s generally the first words out of their mouth. No need for awareness when WE ALREADY KNOW people are on gluten free diets.

You don’t need to remind us the disease exists. Really.

Also, if it’s “low” why does every second person demand a Gluten Free menu. Or play 20 questions at the food till while nine others wait behind them.

And why do they get a whole day? Mum’s popped kids out of their va-jay-jays and they only get one day.

I wonder when it’s going to be Vegan Awareness Week. Or hang on. Is that already happening…every week.

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