Dramatic quarantine-ers

First of all, Tennis is one of my favourite sports and I love the players. The Australian Open is one of may favourite times of the year! But.

These tennis players in quarantine. Yes, it’s not ideal. They can’t train and they have limited access to coaches and other essentials. 


Do we need to remind them how much they get paid? 

I’d live in a shed for a month for a quarter of their salaries. 

It’s two weeks. I’d estimate 50 per cent of the entire world have had to quarantine at least once in the the last year. And it was a lot harder for us to fork out the $3000 to just cover the costs – which I believe Tennis Australia are covering for these poor professionals.

Besides, we’re upset too. The less they train, the less entertaining the matches will be. No one is winning here.

It’s not like they weren’t aware about the worldwide pandemic. Coming from countries where there are a trillion more cases than Australia too.

Just saying…. Two weeks for probably a triple digit pay check seems perfectly acceptable. They can get through gruelling training sessions and epic 5 set matches..Come on guys. You can do this.

Amazing view if you ask me.

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