What a Qatarstrophe

Remember when they found a baby at Qatar airport, and decided to perform pelvic exams on all the woman on the plane?

Parents of newborn dumped in Qatar airport bin identified

Turns out the baby’s parents were Asian convicts. Key word. Asian.

Didn’t they pick this when they found the baby?

I just think it would have made much more sense if they had just selected the Asian passengers to exam.

Wouldn’t have it?

Just go with it

If I hear one more person whinge about bottle shops remaining open in lockdown situations….

Yes it seems absurd. Yes it seems unfair, but also, sshhhh.

10 of Australia's best beer bottle shops - Drinks Trade

Remember that time in Victoria when there was backlash over numbers allowed at races vs numbers allowed for AFL GF gatherings? And then the Government listened, and changed their minds about the numbers, and restrictions were tightened. Again.

So really, I’m just saying perhaps be grateful for what is still available.

If State Leaders think bottle shops are essential services then just go with it.

If we keep complaining they’re more likely to shut bottle shops than they are to reopen anything else.

Oh and don’t pretend alcohol isn’t essential.