Orange ya gonna go?

I envy people who stop at orange lights.

To have nothing better to do, but to voluntarily add at least three minutes to their total commute time, all the while sitting in the driver’s seat with a passenger who’s hashtagging something, and listening to some repetitive advertisement on the radio…..

The History and Meaning of Colored Traffic Lights

It’s very inconsiderate when the person behind you is likely running late for work. Which is generally always the case at 8:59am. As it was for me this morning.

Before you label me a hoon, let me clarify, it was an orange light on a turning signal. So all cars were going at about 10km/ph. It’s not like anyone had to speed through anything to get through the light. This van was basically at the light when it turned orange.

Just saying. It’s ok to go through it. That’s why it’s orange and not red.

Even if it’s red actually, while all the cops are busy catching COVID. Unless you’ve got a temperature, you’ll likely get away with it.

Am kidding. Don’t break the law. Or endanger lives.

But seriously, the orange light… YOLO right?


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