Starving or precious??

It’s not news that most of Victoria is in lockdown. While I can’t imagine the frustration, it seems residents are starving with the lack of notice they’ve been given.

Bit drastic don’t we think?

Surely the second surge announcements splashed all over the media for the past week has been an indicator? TV, Digital and Print. #noexcuses unless your Helen Keller.

Or how about the panic buying resuming, with limits in place once again at major supermarkets? That made it a bit obvious, no?

Apparently it’s the ones who didn’t panic buy who have been forced into lockdown. Because the one’s that did should be well off no doubt with enough toilet paper to cover a family of five to eat the worlds spiciest curry for days.

I just think perhaps these claims which are implying human rights violations are a tad exaggerated. By ‘starving’ I wonder if its more so that the milk has expired and they’ve had to have dry cereal for breakfast with black coffee. Or heaven forbid skip breakfast before indulging in a camembert and turkey sandwich on sourdough for lunch. On a dining table with perhaps a porcelain vase of some sort as the centrepiece.

Or perhaps, perhaps, they are being honest and making statements like “Yea we got told today just as I was emptied the milk into my pancake batter”, which a media representative has transcribed as “we are starving.”

Perhaps it’s the media that’s starving.

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