Don’t hate us because we’re beautiful


“Open the borders,” all the other states say.

“Let us in,” they demand.

“We’ve opened ours, you open yours.”

“It’s not fair.”

Hold up folks. Firstly, no one asked you to open your borders.

However, Thank You. For opening your borders.

We are so happy we can now cross over to your regions, so nice and icy this time of year, full of zero theme parks, rocky beaches, dark waters, grey skies and tiny motels.

We are so happy you’ve agreed to share these features with us.

Before you go hating on Ms Palashack or however you spell it (relax. I don’t have to know. I’m no longer a journalist), perhaps consider the fact that if Queensland opens for business, everyone comes. From NSW, WA, SA, VIC, TAS…. EVERYONE.

Whereas when NSW opened for business, ain’t no corona ridden folks running in from interstate to holiday there this time of year. Am I right?

So close your borders on us if you like. Watch us not be phased at all if you decide to lock out Queenslanders only from your state. No skin of our nose.

Side note. I actually do want the borders to open so I can see my family and our tourism flourishes. Especially on the Sunshine Coast. But I just thought this was a valid argument not yet been raised by anyone.

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