Drinking and distancing

As COVID restrictions are easing up around the country, each state is setting their own rules, stages and boundaries which is fair enough. 

In South Australia, restaurants and cafés can seat 10 people in their venues. And serve them food and drink, obviously. 

But. They are not allowed to serve alcohol.


Because apparently, there are concerns regarding one’s ability to social distance while under the influence.

First of all, did we forget all these restaurants and café’s are licensed to serve alcohol. In other words, capable of identifying when someone is smashed, and therefore cutting them off accordingly – and with glee and satisfaction in my experience behind a bar. 

And second. Are SA are basically admitting drunk people are too handsy? Because I’m not sure they should be able to have alcohol ever, if it’s likely to result in appropriate touching.

Are they saying it’s ok to touch a stranger when you get maggot and lose your senses, as long as there is no chance of contracting a virus?

Hmmm. Ok then.

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Single blogger who wants to make all the ladies laugh out loud at life's small misfortunes .

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