A classified disaster

You may all already know this, but I’ve only heard it for the first time. And if you didn’t know, brace yourself for some very unnatural and inhumane behaviour.

Apparently some bloke in Germany killed a man and ate him. Legit. 

It wasn’t a stranger- at the time of the death anyways. They had been together for five years and met when the edible one answered a personal ad in the paper.

Thing is, this advertisement in the newspaper literally read “well-built 18- to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed.”

Wasn’t there a classified taking employee who wondered if this perhaps shouldn’t be printed?

How did that not get flagged? What was the ad below it?

Lover eater.

And why did this man respond to it? What are the chances someone could be so crazy to make such a request, yet alone have someone even crazier respond to it. With eagerness no doubt.

Almost makes me wonder whether its worth placing an ad which reads “Male or female of any age with one million dollars to hand over all their money and then walk away.”

Too bad the one bloke crazy enough to respond to such a request was eaten.

Published by dannanddoofa

Single blogger who wants to make all the ladies laugh out loud at life's small misfortunes .

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