Sco Mo is not a creep. Your followers are.

We’ve all heard about this COVID-19 app the Government is urging Australians to download. And we’ve all heard from those who are hesitating.



“It’s an invasion of privacy.”

“There is no security.”

“It’s scary the Government will know my whereabouts.”

Yes, you say this. But let’s be honest. It’s highly likely you have about 40 apps on your phone currently. Of those, there would be location services switched on (hello, Uber and Tinder) and there would be personal data you’ve inputted. There’s apps which require your bank details, hobbies, heart rate, occupation, height, interests, marital status…heck women will even tell our phones when we are menstruating. This info is all stored on apps which share the data to who knows.

And then there’s Social Media, where we’ve got hundreds, even thousands of “friends.” Never mind you’ve never met these people, yet why not post photos of your exact location – with or without a top on – as well as the status of your unborn child.

If anyone is going to know where you are, probably best that it is the Government. And I highly doubt Scott Morrison is sitting in his office in Parliament House tracking individual Australians locations for the sake of…what?


Also, I feel like they should make all phone carriers provide free storage upgrades so we can get the app. Especially considering 80 per cent of the world are using Tik Tok.



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