Scrubs for days

I know it’s considered good hygiene to give your hands a thorough wash after you’ve been to the bathroom.  But sometimes, there are women I’ve seen in public washrooms who will really really scrub. I’m talking, at the sink for a good five minutes, lathering from fingertip to the elbow and really rubbing the soap in.


When I see this, there are three questions I’m thinking.

  1. What exactly were they doing in the bathroom?
  2. Where on, (or in…cringe) their body were they wiping exactly?
  3. How dirty can a person be down there?

But seriously. Was there some sort of explosion or exchange of fluids all the other women in the restroom somehow missed?

Anyways. Some questions are best unanswered.

So I don’t ask, because I think these are a good example of that.