Another single spiel

It’s 2019. A standard conversation now sounds like this:

“I’m single,” says a lovely woman.

“Are you on any dating sites?” says the baffled married since high school friend.


“That’s why I’m single.”

Just saying. They come along with this question like it’s going to resolve everything.

“Just jump onto eHarmony and have a cuppa with a man who’s already got three children to three ex-wives, is a recovering alcoholic and lives in a van.

And claims their occupation is – Mr. Awesome at Legoland.

Because if that’s a real job, where do I apply? Why can’t it be Mrs. Awesome? #metoo

If I’m being honest…this is a little bit sexy. Too bad about the kids and the alcohol thing.

Do you coupled up folk know whats out there? It aint pretty. It aint marriageable. We are actually after more than weight lifters and tattoos. Shocking, but true.

And more annoying, is these men on the sites make a point of stating their height and follow it with “because apparently that’s a thing.” As if we – women- are the shallow ones. Are you freaking kidding me?

You don’t care what we do, who our family is, where we grew up or what our aspirations are. But suddenly you’re hurt that we prefer a man who can reach the top shelf at the supermarket and reach the cartons of milk at the back with the most prolonged expiry date.

I thought we were the ones with vaginas.

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