Just need a clean floor

I miss the  days where you could purchase a gadget or appliance, and just put it on. Or plug it in and push the on button. And it would begin working straight away.

You never had throw it on charge for 19 hours.

You never had to download an app to activate it.

You never had to work out which button was item C from diagram 12. Or which brush was to be used for the winter months.

And you never had to create an account. For a bloody vacuum cleaner.

And when you come up with a user ID and password, there are terms for a minimum of 9 letters, with at least 2 numbers and a capital and 3 other symbols. For “security.”

Because everyone is trying to hack into the account I’ve created to sync my remote control to my TV.

Once you’ve verified you are not a robot, you have to watch series of videos before commencing to use anything too.

Life was so much easier when there was only one purpose of any appliance.

Today, if you want a watch, you get a heart rate tracker, mp3 player and more all in one.

If you want a fridge, you get an ice maker, water canister, moisture balance crisper and probably Netflix.

I mean, you gotta set aside half a day just to workout how to connect your new toaster to wi-fi so you can have some crumpets.

And how many accounts will we end up having for all these appliances? Which come with emails to update with the latest and greatest. It always includes a new feature.

“Samsung LG5677 now available with wireless antennae and strobe lighting,”

I bought my TV to watch TV. Not to host a disco.

A wireless antennae would be pretty cool actually. If it doesn’t already exist I’m sure it will soon.

Published by dannanddoofa

Single blogger who wants to make all the ladies laugh out loud at life's small misfortunes .

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