Fans of footy or booze

AFL fans have urged police to crack down on violence at games after a hectic weekend.

Perhaps they shouldn’t get sloshed and start beating each other up.

And actually watch the game and cheer their team on.

And maybe the bar staff could start implementing their RSA training.

Because personally I’d rather utilise the police by cracking down on drugs and rape and stuff.

Have a beer, watch the action, participate in the Mexican wave and Uber home.

Sounds easy enough?

And don’t punch anyone.

Barty Party Fears

Poor Australia.

Now that Ash has taken out the French Open,the country is bracing for her sweet innocent self to transform into a ruthless, arrogant, vain monster.


“Nothing will change,” Ash and her coaches continue to assure us.

We’ll see.

Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic – Do you see what you did?

I’m sure she will remain as lovely as she is folks.

There’s a reason it’s called bad sportsMANship…

That was totally sexist, but necessary??

hahaha poor Australia.