Mutual rude-ness

Do you ever notice when your out – or I’ m sure you’ve done it too – and one persons phone rings, so they answer and then the other person immediately grabs their phone.

Like they’ve suddenly been granted permission to check it.


Almost like a mutual rude-ness really isn’t it.

Or like a “Yea ok, I see you’ve got friends.

“Well so do I.

“In fact, there are three text messages, seven Facebook notifications and nine new instagram follower requests.

“So touche buddy, touche.”

And then the person gets off the phone and the one who picked theirs up (no doubt to find no notifications, yet persisted and scrolled through the latest social media feeds, learning about new home owners and smashed fitness goals) takes just that little bit longer to put their phone back down, just to keep the upper hand.

But really, what else do you do?

Look around you like a person in a daze who is perfectly content they are being ignored by their dinner date – and happy enough within themselves to enjoy their own company?

Go to the bar, even though you’ve just opened a bottle of wine?

Go to the toilet even though you’ve got a horrendous playsuit on that is only worth tackling if you actually have to go?

Could you imagine going to dinner with no phone? Because a long time ago, that was all there was when you went out.

Company. Smiles. Discussions. Bonding. Laughter.

And good food if you ordered right.

And wine of course.

Society today…. I tell ya. *rolls eyes*

Anti-social media

I really don’t like it when I’ve messaged someone – via text or social media- and they don’t respond.

And sure, it’s OK if people are busy.

But 9 times out of 10 they’ve ignored me, yet managed to post random selfies from some mountain they’ve climbed or what they are about to eat.

Image result for selfie

Because it’s much more important that their class of 2005 House Captain and one of their husbands colleagues knows what they are having for lunch before they respond to you.

Newsflash: It’s not.