Australian political party seeks Queensland leader

*Must only use $1 bills for candy or soda purchases and have the ability to refrain from stroking women with little or no clothing

Today’s headlines claim One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has stormed from a press conference after answering questions about her Queensland leader being forced to resign over leaked strip club footage.

Steve Dickson and One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson speak to the media

In case you missed it – her party’s QLD leader Steve Dickson handed in his resignation last night after he was caught on camera in a lewd video in a US strip club appearing to grope and proposition exotic dancers and make racist remarks.

Basically, he was being your average male at a strip club. Which is not ok when you are a political leader so much as it is stupid.

In the footage aired by A Current Affair last night, the married 56-year-old says at one point, “I’ve done more Asian than I know what to do with”.

A rough and racist remark but considering he is a One Nation  leader are we surprised?

And if we are criticizing about racism, isn’t it Australian law that politicians have to be 100 per cent Australian? A law followed and enforced by all political parties and their leaders.

Anyways, speaking to reporters from her home this morning, Ms Hanson said she was shocked and disappointed at the vision she watched of Steve Dickson.

“I am both a mother of three boys and the only female leader of a political party in this country. I wouldn’t tolerate my own children behaving this way towards women,” Ms Hanson said.

Newsflash Ms Hanson – one day they most definitely will.

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Speaking again of her employee, Ms Hanson said she wasn’t going to judge him any further.

“It is a family matter. I never got involved with Barnaby Joyce’s issue, or Cheryl Kernot, or the other politicians. And don’t forget that Kevin Rudd himself visited a strip club.”

I don’t think anyone will every forget that…poor K Rudd.

And then this morning, One Nation’s NSW leader Mark Latham briefly addressed his colleague’s resignation on Sunrise.

“He has no future in politics anymore and Pauline Hanson has made that crystal clear. There is not much more you can say about it, is there? It is pretty clear cut,” he said.

More criticism has followed his bluntness, but isn’t he right? It’s happened and the leader has resigned. It’s time to move on.

Mr Dickson did the most noble thing he could under the circumstances and I think that deserves some commending. His behavior was appalling but he has apologised for his behaviour and said it was not a “true reflection” of himself.

“The footage shown does not reflect the person I am. It shows a person who was drunk and not in control of his actions and I take full responsibility for allowing that to happen,” Mr Dickson said.

We’ve all been drunk and out of control before. And not many people would actually take responsibility for their actions after such events.

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Then again, not many people are state political leaders. But still, give the man a break for acting like a normal person while on holidays. A normal racist and derogatory idiot, but nevertheless it’s also typical drunk male behaviour.

He also immediately told his wife Debbie the day after he visited the strip club and Mrs Dickson is standing by her husband.

That’s true love right there. Or perhaps that’s what a man on a triple digit salary can get away with. I mean, a girls gotta eat. And them Jimmy Choo shoes don’t pay for themselves.


An idiotic accusation

“Someone is making me out to be an absolute idiot,” says Alex Nation on Bachelor in Paradise.

Because Bill has lied his face off to get into her pants. And it’s worked.

Is it Bill who’s made her look like an idiot though?

Last I checked, it was Alex -mother of one- who signed up to be on a reality TV show where she competed with other women to win the heart of one bloke she apparently fell in love with at first hand shake.

And then they had a mud bath on national television.

And then she ditched him and pursued a relationship with a woman she played AFLW with.

And then she returned to reality TV and seems to be the only person in the world who can’t see past Bill’s fake personality.

But it’s someone else who’s making you out to be an idiot, isn’t it Alex.


A world of feigning confidence

One of my friends hit up a guy she dated many years back for a small favour. They were never in a serious relationship because they lived in separate states but they were pretty damn close for a couple of years and cared a lot about one another.

Hence the favour request I guess.

The man who’s now married turned around and told her he wasn’t allowed to speak to her – strict orders by the missus.

Settle down mate. She didn’t ask you to put your tongue down her throat..

Are you a man or a chicken?

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How about you tell your wife she’s a friend you dated years back, there were no longer any feelings there (why else would be have gotten married. Duh) and because your a nice person and can help a friend, you will.

This makes me mad at both people in the relationship.

The woman is completely insecure and taking it out on her partner isn’t fair. If your concerned your partner may be tempted to see another woman, why are you even together.

“It’s not you I don’t trust honey. It’s her,” she says.


If you trust him, there shouldn’t be an issue.

What I also hate is that you can jump on the woman’s social media pages and she appears to be nothing but confident and happy and loved up. Yet no one can see what is going on behind the scenes and that she is petrified her boyfriend will fall out of love with her.

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It’s actually really sad and goes to show why social media influencing shouldn’t be a thing. Anyone can influence others regardless of the reality of the situation or product they are endorsing.

So my friend had to turn to a stranger for the favour and is now with child.

I’m joking of course.

If this was what she was after she wouldn’t have hit up a chicken for the request.

A Current attempt to get an audience

I watched A Current Affair last night – because apparently Mick the farmer was getting a makeover- and was really annoyed at one of the main stories.

Toplace Construction owner Jean Nassif posted a video on social media of his wife Nissy receiving a bright yellow supercar he bought her a few weeks ago.

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Good on the bloke, for making such a purchase for his wife. And of course you’re going to post your new car on social media. Most people will post their new sneakers on social media.

Meanwhile, owners who purchased apartments in Mr Nassif’s new Castle Hill Atmosphere complex in Sydney are pissed because of the way he’s spending his money despite a poor quality of finishes and outstanding defects they are experiencing.

More specifically, Bruce and Candal Pattern paid almost a million dollars for a two-bedroom unit in the complex and told A Current Affair that the place was short of their expectations.

How high are their expectations? – Pun intended.

Image result for Castle Hill Atmosphere complex

“He gave us inferior apartments and she’s driving around in a banana Lamborghini, yeah I feel like I’ve been mistreated, totally mistreated.”

Let’s take a moment to look at the photo again.

Such mistreatment.

If Mr and Mrs Pattern can afford one of those apartments in the first place, I have very little sympathy for them.

I also think they can afford to fix a crack in the kitchen bench. Or to wait a while for the repairs. Go to Europe for a few weeks or something.

Most new home owners experience problems as soon as they move in. It’s called life. You hit up the relevant parties, wait out the repairs and get on with it. Most people would work in the meantime too. I can only assume Mr and Mrs Pattern are out of degustations and massage treatments to try.

Mr Nassif agreed to do an interview with A Current Affair but cancelled when he was advised of the topics to be discussed.

Of course he did. I don’t think anyone would agree to be hounded on national television for buying their wife a car.

Shouldn’t new home owners have inspected their properties before forking out a million bucks too? Or do they have that much money, they don’t care?

I mean, I don’t even buy a full cider that’s on tap without trying it first.

Anyways, despite the fact Mr Nassif declined the interview,  A Current Affair approached him on the street anyways.

And of course, when he didn’t want to talk to them, he’s come across as some terrible and rude bloke who has horribly mistreated innocent people.

“A Beast” apparently.

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Funnily enough, Mr Nassif told reporter Steve Marshall that he “loved him” and said the Atmosphere complex would win an award.

I think I love Mr Nassif. And I think next time I’ll stick to Home and Away.

Oh, and Mike’s ‘makeover’ was just a woman – who managed to give her interior design business a good plug – turning his bed around to make room for two bedside tables.

That was it. Then they went to the Gympie pub and had a beer and one of the 70 year old male locals hit on Mike.

But he’s still single. Although that bloke would have been a step up from Jess.