An invalid case study

This just in on Channel 10’s The Project – Minimum wage is simply too low.


True or false? Probably true.

Their case study however, a security guard named Darcy who looked like he was in his 20’s. This bloke complained about earning $800 a week off $18 an hour, after a 40 hour week

He says he has to pull 50 -60 hours a week just to get by.

On the weeks he works 36-40 hours Darcy says he struggles to pay rent. Are you living at The Ritz?


$800 isn’t enough for one bloke with no dependants for one week?

Perhaps he forgot to mention a smashed avo addiction.

When the project ran the idea by him, that the government boost minimum wage he says…

“That could allow me to have one extra day off, and I could go see my parents.”

Sure Darcy. You’re going to see your parents when you get a day off work mate.

I call bull shit.



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