Real Estate depressionists…

Serious question – Is being a real estate agent a soul depleting job or something? Or are rentals just a pain in the ass for them? Every single agent I’ve dealt with could not be more unhelpful.

There is an exception, and that’s my agent in tiny Bordertown where they are happy folk who enjoy life because they’ve grown up in the country. They make time for other people and genuinely want to help where they can.

Image result for real estate agent angry

But honestly, every other agent I’ve contacted in regards to a rental property, whether it’s a request to view it, or for more information has been useless and had terrible communication.

Not only this, but it’s almost as if they are going out of their way not to help me.

So I wonder, are rentals their version of perhaps what broccoli is to kids – Something yucky that’s on their plate, but can be left until last.

And when they eventually get to it, they chew it slowly and with a horrid look on their faces which is mirrored with a stroppy attitude. They are only doing it because they have to.

Because otherwise there is no desert – aka they can’t delete the emails if they keep coming through.

And if you are interested in a property, they will keep coming through.

Newsflash – You decided to be a real estate agent. Be one. Or be as rude as you like but at least respond. I can deal with crappy customer service because at least at the end of the day they still make you your coffee. But you guys…you just ignore us for no reason at all.

If you don’t like your job I’m pretty sure Masterchef applications are now open. It helps if you’ve lost a limb or been raised by wolves.

But regardless, if you are miserable please apply.

Image result for real estate agent funny
This guy obviously does not exist. Unless this was taken in little ole Bordertown. But looking at that street number, I can’t imagine it was.



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