Normal people are single too

Ive been so excited to watch Married At First Sight this year.

If you live under a rock, or have a life, the popular show features a series of single people wed at first sight, and follows the ceremony with a honeymoon and then living together.

It’s basically a relationship, done backwards.

With plenty of dating experience in my 30’s, I’m always keen to see what should be, your average single Aussie – searching for love.

I can’t help but be annoyed however, the show and others like The Bachelor and Bachelorette have become platforms for model and actor wannabes and media whores, rather than your standard program about genuine love.

Don’t get me wrong, it still makes for great TV but we all know none of the contestants have real intentions. Or boobs.

The advertisements for MAFS showed men and women from various occupations, backgrounds, ages and sizes.

They appear to be normal but one sentence in you realise they all have personalities of psychopaths.

Meanwhile all the genuine singles who didn’t get on the show because they have normal lives, jobs and their own lips are watching in horror thinking

“Is this what’s out there?

“Just strippers and virgins?

“I’m going to be alone forever

The contestants boast about how brilliant they are and make up some sob story about being single because they’d had their heart broken in the past.

As if they are the only ones.

Do TV networks know there are normal single people out there too?

You shouldn’t even have to audition to be on the show. Anyone should be able to go on. It’s singles meeting singles.

Or they could at least change the name to -This is Why I’m Single.

Because Married At First Sight does not suggest the show will feature arrogant and vain people with no integrity who have been dumped continually by the poor normal people in society who have had enough of their bullsh@t.

When I said it was a relationship backwards I meant it because I can guarantee they all end up on Tinder at the end of the experiment.

I’ll still watch it. Because Ines and Bronson are brilliant. As should you.