Single satisfaction

So, here’s some background info on this post for any readers who like myself, can be totally oblivious to political news.

And just before you roll your eyes and decide to skip this post and scroll down to see more of what your hair dresser is having for breakfast, it’s not actually very politically focused.

More so the rights for single women to have sex focused.

Bet I’ve got your attention now.

Basically, Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young has engaged lawyers ahead of potential defamation action against Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm.

This guy tells her in Parliament she should “stop shagging men”, and then refused to apologise when asked by the Senate.

Then he told a Sky News program Senator Hanson-Young was “known for liking men” and that “rumours about her in Parliament are well known.”

Let me just point out- pretty sure ALL bi-sexual women are known for liking men.

Anyways, Senator Hanson-Young is now claiming the legal action she is taking is to defend women who are victims of such comments in the workplace.

Which is a fair call. However, I have some other options she should consider.

I guess one is that she could actually stop shagging men.

But I can’t imagine that would be very fun, or beneficial. For her, or the men of her choosing.

So, here’s another option, which I think is a winner and would bring her a lot more support.

Senator Hanson-Young could stand up for herself and all grown single women.

She missed her opportunity to respond to Senator Leyonhjelm, but she should have said something along the line of

“Yes Mr Leyonhjelm. I have lots of sex. I like men and I’m single.”

Senator Leyonhjelm sounds like a jealous and sexist a-hole who is unhappily married and knows very little about the dating world for single women.

Senator Hanson-Young would get a lot more support if she outright said this to him in Parliament, in an attempt to do to him what he’s done to her.

Attack her personal life which has no relevance what so ever to her role in front of her colleagues.

He’s probably just pissed because he’s not one of these lucky men she’s shagged.

She’s just living her best life if you ask me.

And also slightly off topic but it sounds like Mr Leyonhjelm is a dual citizen.

Just sayin.

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