The plastic dilemma

It’s about time more Australian states get on board the plastic bag ban throughout grocery and some retail stores.

From 1 July, free single use plastic bags were banned virtually nationwide, as Western Australia and Queensland made it official.

Major retailers Coles and Woolworths have also added NSW to the list despite the Government there saying they can remain in place.

As this is being implemented, the idea is that shoppers will bring their own bags, or purchase them for 15c.

Yes, I said that correctly. 15c.

It seems this is not good enough for residents however who have kicked up such a fuss, as if they didn’t know the laws were coming in, and led Woolworths to allow the 15c bags to be dished out for free in the short term.

Are you kidding?

South Australia has had the plastic bag ban since 2009. I lived there until last year.


Where’s my 15cents refund per every bag purchased within the first few months from when the ban took place?

Oh that’s right. I won’t get it, because its unnecessary. I don’t understand why people are so uptight about the whole concept. It’s 15 cents a bag. You buy a dozen, and you keep them in your car.

And even if you forget them, can I just say it again.

It’s 15 cents.

Even if you buy groceries for a family of five, that add’s up to $300 so the worst case is you buy 10 bags, and are out $1.50.

And you pay $301.50.

Pretty sure you’ll still have a roof over your head, even if you do this every week.

How is this making people so angry? Especially since the states have known for months the ban was coming in place.

People don’t hesitate when they purchase things from Cotton On and the staff members basically force you to buy one of their $2 cotton bags, because “The money goes to charity.”

People don’t hesitate when they want almond milk with their latte and its an extra 60cents.

Or a gluten free pizza base for an extra $1.50.

Or an extra GB of data per month for an extra $10.

The 15 cents is pretty much contributing to the planet’s recovery so fork it up and get over it.


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