Relaxin in the kitchen

As a Masterchef viewer, I’ve noticed about 80 per cent of the contestants claim to love cooking because it’s relaxing.

“After a busy day, I just get into the kitchen and it’s such a soothing feeling, mixing ingredients and combining flavours,” they say.

So why on earth would you want to become a chef, and run a restaurant?


I can guarantee it won’t be relaxing then.

I can only wait for the day I stroll mid Mothers Day service at a seaside restaurant and see chef’s in the kitchen even smiling yet alone looking soothed and relaxed.

Or to be honest, it doesn’t even have to be a busy service.

It could be 11am on a Tuesday and chef’s will be pissed off because the first order has requested sauce on the side and gluten free bread crumbs (which wouldn’t really be bread crumbs then, would it?)

Aint nothing relaxing about being a chef, yet alone a Masterchef.



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