License to bully

Another video has emerged of young teenagers viciously fighting, over an incident sparked by online bullying.

It’s happening all too often now, and I can only imagine how scared parents would be as they send off their loved ones to school. Or to the shopping centre. Or to the cinema. Or to bed.

There is no way to escape the constant harassment as the obsession with social media among kids and teens continues to grow.

Even adults take things out of had with online content, so it’s completely unrealistic to think our youth can handle all these sites and pages.

We film each other nude and share it with mates, we play pranks on others and tell the world about it and we commit fraud, robbing innocent people who just wanted a free watch or a husband.

It’s no wonder our youth have gone as far as they have, with bullying.


The most important thing in the world to high school kids is what the others think and know of them.

As adults, we know there’s more to life, but they don’t.

Everyday people try to come up with solutions, initiatives, projects and programs to stop this harassment but at the end of the day as long as they can access social media, its going to continue.

I have a solution and I think it’s brilliant.

Just like drinking, and just like driving, social media accounts should not be allowed for those under 18.

Ok, 21, lets make it 21.

I really think this could solve a lot.

“How can we track this?” Mr Turnbull would ask. Or whoever happens to be running the country that day. No doubt a 100 per cent Australian politician.

We could track it just like we track drivers licenses and club goers.

I think they should have to go to licence and registering offices throughout the state to get their social media license, after a series of tests too, of course.


There could be a manual to study before hand, with the Do’s and Don’ts of social media, with scenarios and facts.

I feel like the ‘Don’t’ section would probably take up about 85 per cent of the manual.

And to ensure this idea too, there should be a specific model of phones for teens. One that only allows texting and calling and not online access 24/7.

If the rest of the world managed to get through life with a Nokia 5110, there’s no reason why they can’t now.

They will never beat my high score in Snake though.


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