Slims pickings for the prince

The latest on Meghan Markle, is that her brother has now written a letter to the Prince, stating her flaws and reasons not to marry her.

He’s basically warning Harry off of her.

This comes after media have flooded news and magazines with interviews with her father, and her sister who barely speak to the princess to be anymore.


Meghan is just a 36-year-old woman who fell in love.

Prince Harry is not 19.

He’s 32. (My age. I mean, I was available too, but whatever. Long distance never works anyways.)

When you get to 32, I’m pretty certain chances you are going to find anyone else your age  whose single and willing to marry you and comes with no baggage is one million to one.

I’d challenge anyone me and Harry’s age to get out on the dating scene for a weekend.

It’s not easy.

Harry did pretty damn well considering some my my personal experiences.

At least she has a job, hair, personality and no kids.

And geez her teeth are white.

Oh, and she’s gorgeous.

No one was ever going to be perfect.

Just be happy for the couple and let them live their life.



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