Hypocrisy at its best

Can people stop hounding on Barnaby Joyce for taking $150,000 for an interview…

Suddenly everyone’s got an opinion about a family doing a TV interview – as if they wouldn’t take the money of it was offered to them.

Would you really turn down $150,000? I wouldn’t even turn down $100 to be honest.

Be realistic folks.

Chequebook journalism isn’t new; it’s necessary.

When Lindy Chamberlain and Kerri-Anne Kennerley did it, it was ok.

I think he could have got more too. The amount of money channel 7 has… the poor guys being taken for a ride if you ask me.

Vikki is right.

If they ain’t gonna leave them alone, they may as well make some money out of it.

And you all know you can’t wait to watch it.

Another one bites the dust

And Morgan Freeman is next to be accused of sexual abuse on set.

I feel like the men of Hollywood are going to have to start walking around with body cams soon.

No doubt they’ve started already, wandering around with their arms in the air or with oven mitts to deter from any apparent inappropriate behaviour.

I’d be scared to brush crumbs of a woman’s shoulder if I was on the big screen.

The costs of fame hey…

Mr or Mrs Markle

Is Thomas Markle secretly a woman?

I mean… he’s going to the wedding, he’s not going to the wedding, he’s going, he’s not.

Mrs Markle… it’s free booze.

Pack a tampon and go to the wedding.

Relaxin in the kitchen

As a Masterchef viewer, I’ve noticed about 80 per cent of the contestants claim to love cooking because it’s relaxing.

“After a busy day, I just get into the kitchen and it’s such a soothing feeling, mixing ingredients and combining flavours,” they say.

So why on earth would you want to become a chef, and run a restaurant?


I can guarantee it won’t be relaxing then.

I can only wait for the day I stroll mid Mothers Day service at a seaside restaurant and see chef’s in the kitchen even smiling yet alone looking soothed and relaxed.

Or to be honest, it doesn’t even have to be a busy service.

It could be 11am on a Tuesday and chef’s will be pissed off because the first order has requested sauce on the side and gluten free bread crumbs (which wouldn’t really be bread crumbs then, would it?)

Aint nothing relaxing about being a chef, yet alone a Masterchef.



License to bully

Another video has emerged of young teenagers viciously fighting, over an incident sparked by online bullying.

It’s happening all too often now, and I can only imagine how scared parents would be as they send off their loved ones to school. Or to the shopping centre. Or to the cinema. Or to bed.

There is no way to escape the constant harassment as the obsession with social media among kids and teens continues to grow.

Even adults take things out of had with online content, so it’s completely unrealistic to think our youth can handle all these sites and pages.

We film each other nude and share it with mates, we play pranks on others and tell the world about it and we commit fraud, robbing innocent people who just wanted a free watch or a husband.

It’s no wonder our youth have gone as far as they have, with bullying.


The most important thing in the world to high school kids is what the others think and know of them.

As adults, we know there’s more to life, but they don’t.

Everyday people try to come up with solutions, initiatives, projects and programs to stop this harassment but at the end of the day as long as they can access social media, its going to continue.

I have a solution and I think it’s brilliant.

Just like drinking, and just like driving, social media accounts should not be allowed for those under 18.

Ok, 21, lets make it 21.

I really think this could solve a lot.

“How can we track this?” Mr Turnbull would ask. Or whoever happens to be running the country that day. No doubt a 100 per cent Australian politician.

We could track it just like we track drivers licenses and club goers.

I think they should have to go to licence and registering offices throughout the state to get their social media license, after a series of tests too, of course.


There could be a manual to study before hand, with the Do’s and Don’ts of social media, with scenarios and facts.

I feel like the ‘Don’t’ section would probably take up about 85 per cent of the manual.

And to ensure this idea too, there should be a specific model of phones for teens. One that only allows texting and calling and not online access 24/7.

If the rest of the world managed to get through life with a Nokia 5110, there’s no reason why they can’t now.

They will never beat my high score in Snake though.


Slims pickings for the prince

The latest on Meghan Markle, is that her brother has now written a letter to the Prince, stating her flaws and reasons not to marry her.

He’s basically warning Harry off of her.

This comes after media have flooded news and magazines with interviews with her father, and her sister who barely speak to the princess to be anymore.


Meghan is just a 36-year-old woman who fell in love.

Prince Harry is not 19.

He’s 32. (My age. I mean, I was available too, but whatever. Long distance never works anyways.)

When you get to 32, I’m pretty certain chances you are going to find anyone else your age  whose single and willing to marry you and comes with no baggage is one million to one.

I’d challenge anyone me and Harry’s age to get out on the dating scene for a weekend.

It’s not easy.

Harry did pretty damn well considering some my my personal experiences.

At least she has a job, hair, personality and no kids.

And geez her teeth are white.

Oh, and she’s gorgeous.

No one was ever going to be perfect.

Just be happy for the couple and let them live their life.



Mrs Kim Jong Un

How has Kim Jong Un got a wife, yet I’m still single?

I mean… I don’t brush my hair very often and I always burn toast.

But I never tried to dispatch missiles or launch a nuclear war on another country.


Must be the money thing.

Or she may have got sick of the lack of talent on Tinder and other sites.

Which is a scary thought because I’d like to think despite the minimal options (ok, zero. Zero options.) on dating sites I will never succumb to marrying a dictator.


A vegan, perhaps. But a Dictator… no thanks.

Although I like the idea of not being the disciplinarian when it comes to raising kids. But I don’t wanna be getting threatened with missiles if I burn the toast.

Back to the drawing board I guess.