Cat got your ox tongue?

If anyone’s ever watched My Kitchen Rules, I mean other than “that episode” where two grown women thought it was ok to start calling people clowns and blowfish, they would often see teams commenting on meals they have been served up by other contestants.

The comments are quite commonly along the lines of “We do a great tortellini at home, so we are expecting it to be pretty darn good plate of food.”

Or, “Our sweet potato puree is much better than this one, and we won’t be scoring very high for this dish.

But last night, Russian devils Olga and Valeria decided to serve up ‘Ox tongue in apple dough.’



There was no “Our ox tongue is usually served with banana dough, so apple will be interesting.”

Or “The ox tongue my mum made when I was growing up always had plenty of sauce, otherwise it’s dry”

I mean, surely it’s pretty obvious its going to be dry regardless. A tongue without saliva is basically a fish out of water.

So, bravo girls, bravo. That shut them up.

And also, what the eff was anyone thinking when they decided it would be ok to eat ox tongue.

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Single blogger who wants to make all the ladies laugh out loud at life's small misfortunes .

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