They ain’t trolling for your selfies

Why are all the Facebook users in the world freaking out about this whole “hack” situation?

If your 1256 ‘friends’  know what you ate for breakfast, or your hurting after leg day, or what movie you’ve gone to see at the cinema, I think it’s ok the rest of the world knows too.

Everyones freaking out like theres been cameras installed in their showers, or like their Facebook cover photos are their bank account details.


If you don’t want people to know about it, don’t post it on social media.

I don’t really think these hackers are after your baby’s first step videos.

If you want the privacy stay off of Facebook.

“But I need it to stay in touch with my friends,” People say. All 1256 of them apparently.

You know you can call people with a phone right? Just ask Siri. She’ll even do it for you.

Or how about stop flooding you’re own newsfeed with hourly updates of where you are, what you’re wearing, who you’re with and what you’re eating.

Regardless of whether you want the privacy or not, you should do that actually.

We don’t care and neither do the hackers.


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