He’s only human

Derryn Hinch takes a fall after a couple of drinks and ends up in hospital for tests, and suddenly everyone thinks it’s ok to judge him for being a ‘drunk.’

And of course, his typical Senator response ” I had only had a couple of glasses of wine.

“It was due to my bad knee that I fell.


Just own it Derryn.

Even if he was sloshed, we’ve all been there.

So what? He had a few drinks and fell over.

Stand in the corner at a bar like a creep and your bound to witness dozens of falls from all sorts of people.

Ok, not Senators but still, all he did was have a few drinks and then fall, like probably 85 per cent of human beings have done at some stage (or on one) or another.

I know I have. Hundreds of times.

He’s 74. If he wants to have a few drinks, let him. At least he’s not being a dick about it and trying to sue the Uber driver for some random reason to come across as the victim.


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