Experts in nothing

Direct quote from “the experts” on Married at First Sight this week, a couple of the married contestants share their meal.

“That’s an intimate thing to do, sharing food.”

Is it though?

Pretty sure I’ve shared a yiros with my Uber driver.

And a box of Jatz with my dog.

I don’t know about it being intimate, so much as relevant when the dog basically stares me down until I surrender and the Uber driver drops he’s worked 11 hours straight without so much as a muesli bar.

I mean heck, I’d open a bag of MnM’s at work and offer them around the whole office. So what now experts? Am I being intimate with my entire team?

I’m only human and I have compassion.

I think that’s what sharing food is. Being human. Not intimate.

I mean, maybe sharing wine is different. Because I sure as hell wouldn’t share mine unless I loved that person.

But I’m pretty sure this couple was sharing something edible. I can’t remember what… Maybe because I didn’t share my wine.

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