He’s only human

Derryn Hinch takes a fall after a couple of drinks and ends up in hospital for tests, and suddenly everyone thinks it’s ok to judge him for being a ‘drunk.’

And of course, his typical Senator response ” I had only had a couple of glasses of wine.

“It was due to my bad knee that I fell.


Just own it Derryn.

Even if he was sloshed, we’ve all been there.

So what? He had a few drinks and fell over.

Stand in the corner at a bar like a creep and your bound to witness dozens of falls from all sorts of people.

Ok, not Senators but still, all he did was have a few drinks and then fall, like probably 85 per cent of human beings have done at some stage (or on one) or another.

I know I have. Hundreds of times.

He’s 74. If he wants to have a few drinks, let him. At least he’s not being a dick about it and trying to sue the Uber driver for some random reason to come across as the victim.


Experts in nothing

Direct quote from “the experts” on Married at First Sight this week, a couple of the married contestants share their meal.

“That’s an intimate thing to do, sharing food.”

Is it though?

Pretty sure I’ve shared a yiros with my Uber driver.

And a box of Jatz with my dog.

I don’t know about it being intimate, so much as relevant when the dog basically stares me down until I surrender and the Uber driver drops he’s worked 11 hours straight without so much as a muesli bar.

I mean heck, I’d open a bag of MnM’s at work and offer them around the whole office. So what now experts? Am I being intimate with my entire team?

I’m only human and I have compassion.

I think that’s what sharing food is. Being human. Not intimate.

I mean, maybe sharing wine is different. Because I sure as hell wouldn’t share mine unless I loved that person.

But I’m pretty sure this couple was sharing something edible. I can’t remember what… Maybe because I didn’t share my wine.

Eat it because its delicious

How many times have you seen TV segments, or magazine articles that describe in detail what you specifically have to do to burn off a certain meal?

“It takes a 12km run to burn off Pad Thai.

“It takes 300 squats to burn off chicken and chips

If you want to burn it off, why are you eating it?

How useful is it to know that if you’ve just had a double cheeseburger, you’ll need to do 500 push-ups to burn it off?


Would anyone actually do the 500 push ups?

It’s not like you would walk past McDonalds and see people out the front doing push ups on the floor.

Or down some Thai takeaway and then leg it to the next suburb.

“I read about it in Cleo. I need to burn it off now so I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

If people don’t want the calories, don’t eat it. It’s that simple.


Eat it and accept that there is actually some good content too and maybe don’t do 500 push ups so your body makes use of what you’ve just consumed, which is the intention of food.

Because life’s to short to follow every scoop of ice-cream with 200 burpees, for the sake of getting into those skinny jeans.


Last I checked, skinny jeans came in sizes 8-20.

So basically, anyone can eat ice-cream and wear skinny jeans.

Ok unless your vegan or coeliac. But self inflicted in most cases, so I have no sympathy. And they probably don’t wear jeans in general because of something like the material being transported in the same box as the grass that was ripped from a scared wallaby site. Or they were made in the middle of Syria where the women who construct them use needles which are not organic.