Too far MKR

Could not have been more excited for the season premiere of My Kitchen Rules last night.

Could not have been more disappointed at the end of episode 1.

What is happening MKR?

It seems they producers have completely forgotten the show’s original concept of being an “Australian competitive cooking show” and flipped it around to be more of a brutal cat fight showdown.


Do the contestants even have to cook at auditions anymore?

Ask anyone who watched it and the first thing brought up will be the botched sisters who Id consider cannibals if they were served up fish for a main, or the snappy besties who don’t eat fried foods because they like to look good. I mean, everybody else on the table ate those fried dumplings and they all looked pretty damn good to be.

No one would bring up the boys who actually cooked, the scores they received or any kitchen disasters.


These snappy women are just acting like children on TV. I mean, I love a bit of bitchiness but this is too much!

Get back to the fun couples, the goofy besties and the mum and daughter duos so we can actually smile throughout the show over awkward moments and stovetop disasters rather then making us contemplate switching over to Im a Celebrity get me out of here!

Dont make me do it Channel 7!

We want to fall in love with these people, not throw remotes at them.

I mean alternatively, I could get a life I guess. But when your single, if you don’t have a husband to come home to, you gotta look to the next best thing and well the gelato shop down the road shuts at 6pm.


One thought on “Too far MKR

  1. Danni, it’s all about ratings and clearly they believe catfights rate!! I don’t know, I didn’t watch it but I’ll ask Julie, she is committed the MKR. Stick to you Gelati!

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