Hot tip for travellers

Does anybody else hate bartering when they are traveling?

I sure do. I think it’s fun the first time, then pretty quick it gets frustrating. I found that I just got over the shop keepers trying to rip me off and thinking all tourists are just the dumbest people on the planet.

I mean they are dumb, but they do google. No one just jumps on a plane without researching the heck of the destination.

But for those who don’t know how bad it can be, you can literally buy a ‘Mimco’ purse for $5, after bartering, in which the shop keeper will try to sell it for $75.

We were born in Australia, not yesterday mate.


I do however have a hot tip for anyone who is over bartering which I came across in my last trip to Bali. It is actually genius.

I was in a shop and there was another tourist bartering, and managed to land a pretty hot deal. As soon as she left, I jumped in with the same product to which the shop keeper had to sell to me for the same price as he knew I overheard the whole conversation. I did not have to barter at all.

So i grabbed my $3 Christian Dior sunnies sand took of after my bartering minion, to get as many deals out of her as I could. It was brilliant.

Free advice. You’re welcome.

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