A singing mystery

Does anyone else wonder why singers move the mic really far away from their mouth when they raise their voice?

Don’t they know what the mic does?


And, shouldn’t you be moving your mouth forward, closer to you’re audience if you want to be heard more.

I just don’t get it.


Hot tip for travellers

Does anybody else hate bartering when they are traveling?

I sure do. I think it’s fun the first time, then pretty quick it gets frustrating. I found that I just got over the shop keepers trying to rip me off and thinking all tourists are just the dumbest people on the planet.

I mean they are dumb, but they do google. No one just jumps on a plane without researching the heck of the destination.

But for those who don’t know how bad it can be, you can literally buy a ‘Mimco’ purse for $5, after bartering, in which the shop keeper will try to sell it for $75.

We were born in Australia, not yesterday mate.


I do however have a hot tip for anyone who is over bartering which I came across in my last trip to Bali. It is actually genius.

I was in a shop and there was another tourist bartering, and managed to land a pretty hot deal. As soon as she left, I jumped in with the same product to which the shop keeper had to sell to me for the same price as he knew I overheard the whole conversation. I did not have to barter at all.

So i grabbed my $3 Christian Dior sunnies sand took of after my bartering minion, to get as many deals out of her as I could. It was brilliant.

Free advice. You’re welcome.

Do not disturb




Does anybody else thing the classic “Do not disturb” sign you are allocated in your hotel room may as well say “Engaging in sexual activity.”

No one is sleeping when house keeping comes round. It’s not like they change the sheets at 2am.

I like their optimism in allocating them to each room however, even solo travellers.

It’s almost like they got your back.