Ungrateful holiday goers

Mount Agung, a volcano in Bali is officially erupting after predictions for the activity began about two months ago.

The eruption has resulted in thousands of Aussies having to alter their holiday plans as flights cannot continue with ash cloud that has resulted.


Poor poor people living in the first world country being stuck at airports (which are air conditioned, and if you’ve been to the Brissy terminal lately, there are some pretty snazzy couches. And there would be wi-fi, charger ports, plenty of food outlets charging ridiculous prices which we are happy to pay, pretty much because we can afford to.) and having to wait out the ash cloud after weeks or months of anticipation.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Mount Agung, 50,000 homes have been evacuated.

50,000 families are homeless and face uncertainty as to whether they will ever be under a roof with their life’s belongings ever again.

But ok, I guess uncertainty as to whether or not you will be able to lay out by the pool and have someone bring you a pina colada, or get daily massages is on par with what the Balinese are experiencing.

And we all know flights have only set people back a few hundred dollars. Which could probably cover the entire contents of one of the threatened homes.

Additionally, Ive actually just come back from Bail and I’m pretty sure that every person laying out by the pool, or being manicured, or sitting at a bar on the beach at sunset was absorbed with an iPad or iPhone anyways.

So with the airport WI-FI and charger ports, I’m sure you will be ok.

I was actually mid massage at one stage, and a lady getting pedicured asked the woman attending to her what her name was so she could post on Facebook that she was being looked after by ‘Manya’.

Before she did this, I heard her ask for the WI-FI password too. Why? So she can check out what her yoga instructor’s children made in art class? And tell everyone what she is doing, as if they probably don’t already know she is in Bali after the numerous check-ins and pre-holiday posts.

Life is about YOUR experiences, not anyone elses.

It gets worse. This woman also mentioned to the Balinese woman, she had recently had toe surgery and to clean that specific toe property.

Clean your own toe.

Water and soap.

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