Shame on you

The results are in today for marriage equality as 61.6 per cent of Aussies conclude the decision to allow all people to marry whomever them choose.

A protester shows his colours during a g

What I find interesting is this figure, of 61.6 per cent.

This is not a huge amount, with just over half of voters wanting to see marriage equality, and the other 40 per cent who must be against it.

Over the last few months, I feel that social and news media have seen hundreds of articles, statuses, pictures, memes and more supporting the concept.

I don’t think I’ve seen even one person however advocate they are against the policy, yet apparently 40 per cent of people are.

Where are their status updates, photos, site shares and news articles?

Are these people ashamed of their beliefs? Because if this is the case, maybe you should re-evaluate your idea of fairness and equality.

If you are hiding it, you must know it can’t be right.

Back up your morals, or accept and embrace change.

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