From hate to unemployed

It seems a woman has been fired for hating President Trump.

The single mother gave him the finger while she was out cycling and he was passing through in a motorcade.

Days later she was fired in light of the event that was captured by a Whitehouse photographer.

Mind you, she did think it was ok to post the photo as her profile picture on Facebook.

How did she manage a job in the first place? Or a child……

Despite this, I do think the outcome is a bit rough.

I also feel like America’s unemployment rate is about to go through the roof if they are going to start firing people for hating on the President.

I might even head over there myself with an “I love Donald Trump” T-Shirt and my resume.

Cannot wait to choose from an array of opportunities.

There has got to be hundreds of people working at Disneyland that hate the President and if one of them plays the Princess Jasmine character then I will be the happiest person in the world.

I’ve done it before. I can do it again.

Or an ice-cream maker.

I’d take that job too. Doubt I could handle both roles as my Princess Jasmine costume may not fit me should I become an ice cream maker.

Ice cream maker it is.

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