Let it ring

Tell me if this sounds all too familiar.
You make a call, the person answers and you greet them with hello, and who you are and the respond with “Sorry, I can’t talk right now,”

Why did you answer your phone then?

If you can’t talk, don’t talk.

Let it ring out. Sometimes that’s ok. It’s called voice mail or texting. Or FB message, or Viber, or Whats App, or SnapChat.

It’s 2017. The information will get to you.

It’s better to let it ring our then to basically make the person on the other end of the line think they are not important enough for your time if you managed to answer your phone, and suddenly can’t talk when they state who they are.

If it was the Cash Cow, you’d suddenly find the time to talk.

You know it’s true.

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