When it’s better to hang up

If you say “don’t quote me” to a journalist, you may as well hang up or walk away from them.
Don’t continue talking.


It’s like donating blood and telling them not to use it.

And when you continue with the conversation after asking not to be quoted, it’s like you’ve taken the blood and wrapped it up nicely, and placed it by a patient that needs it and let them look at it.

And in that time you’re still rambling on about useless unquotable information, a journalist could have been calling the next best person to speak to when they have a deadline, and the patient could be watching an episode of True Blood when they too most likely have a dead line.

See what I mean? It’s cruel and unnecessary. 

It’s the opposite of a victimless crime.

It’s a victimful crime.

Your words aren’t that precious. 

Let them quote you or don’t have the conversation. 

The end result of a quoteless convo…a blank canvas.

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