Citizenship Seven

Are they really referring to these politicians who are dual citizens as the “Citizenship seven”?

As in when we referred to the ‘Bali nine’ a couple of years back?
These people did not smuggle drugs or face a death sentence.
They were born into multi-culturalism which last I checked, Australia was all about.
It’s ridiculous enough they can’t continue their line of work because their parents were born in other countries but now they are being named as criminals.
The whole thing is just insanely ridiculous.
And I’m sorry, but too little too late Australia. 

You can’t tell someone they can’t be employed, years after they have already been in that role.
Where on earth are the Human Resources team for parliament?
If I got told I couldn’t be a journalist because my dad was born in Egypt, I’m pretty sure I’d sue the hell out of my employer for discrimination.

How is this not racist?

Please explain. To me and Pauline.

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