Unfair funding 

This just in. Well for me anyways.So we all know it costs about $1 million for IVF right?

I learnt today that apparently couples who have issues with conceiving are generally eligible for some form of Medicare rebate.

Firstly, I think this is great. It’s not their fault they can’t conceive and they certainly deserve a child as much as anyone else does.

Obviously there are medical circumstances beyond their control which has made it difficult for them to reproduce and it’s only fair the Government help with the costs as they have already tried to have a child just like everyone else, the cost free, sex six times a day way (tough gig).

However, a single woman who wants to have a child through IVF, by herself is not eligible for any form of rebate.


Once again, although they may not be medical, the circumstances preventing a woman from having a child alone are also beyond her control.

It’s not my fault I’m single.

I’m not intentionally seeking out men who are unrelationshipable.

Ok besides that one time I thought I could land myself a celebrity.

It’s not like I can just pick anyone either. If you’re going to have something for the rest of your life, it takes some serious consideration. No body just walks into a tattoo parlour and chooses the first one they see.

I mean, even my dog took some serious thinking. The decider was when he jumped into my lap and licked my face, but it’s not like men can do that. And the ones that will, well I certainly wouldn’t want to be dating them anytime soon. Lick a plate not a face mate.

I think these IVF funders should at least allow you to prove that you have been trying. Allow the applicants to send links to online dating accounts, and perhaps they could be issued with a dating diary, like they have job diaries for job seekers.

It can go to all dates and have the man stamp it or something, then could be filled out afterwards with reasons explaining why there will be no second date.

Might have a few more pages then a job diary in that case.

Might also be a brilliant scare tactic to get out of a bad date. “I’m trying to have a baby and I just need to show I’m making an effort to do it with someone else.

“Also, is there a history of heart disease in your family?”

I might actually create a fake one for myself for an easy escape. Genius.

Anyways, just something for Medicare to consider. 

Published by dannanddoofa

Single blogger who wants to make all the ladies laugh out loud at life's small misfortunes .

One thought on “Unfair funding 

  1. Danni, there was a show/series on TV not so long ago about 4 single ladies who wanted babies. 3 found partners, the 4th found a fine physical/emotional specimen but he was gay. So, she got pregnant to him, using a turkey baster. Not very romantic but it worked. I understand it really happens! I have a client at work who is a professor in IVF and is world renowned. I will ask her. but keep trying I’m sure you’l get there mate.


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