The communication never ends

Does anyone else feel like they know someone better in text and emails rather than in person?

People are constantly communicating with one another when they are not together, and then when they get together they have nothing to say.

It’s never “How was your day?” anymore.

It’s “How was your afternoon?,” or “How was the rest of your morning?” or “How was the last hour” even though you may have known exactly how it was because you received a text an hour ago that said they were waiting for ages for a carpark at the mall and were second guessing heading over there to get a new purse and had started wondering if they really needed one after all because most of their clothes came with pockets.”

Dinner time banter has gone from “Today at work, I did this, and then this happened and it was so funny when…..” to “This chicken is dry,” or “The waitress is rude.”

It seems speaking via text is just a way of life now.

You literally can be with that person and want to say something but think to yourself, you won’t bring it up yet and will just text them.

How sad is that? Or is it just me?

If I get dropped home at the end of a date, I find myself thinking, ‘I wonder what he’s doing Saturday night,’ when I am literally in the car with him.

I won’t speak the question however; I’ll just head inside, wash my face, lose the bra and then send him a text that will literally say ‘what are you doing Saturday night.’

Emails are the same. In the office, I feel like I have some best friends. Jenny Morris from marketing has three kids and took them all to see Captain Underpants in the holidays, Jake Riley from HR is a skydive enthusiast and has a huge great dane and Sue Morris from editorial loves melting moments and just got engaged.

Jake is a bit of a hottie too. Bit young for me however and as a skydive enthusiast I don’t like the idea of raising my kids with an adrenaline junkie.
Sue is actually giving up the melting moments to get into her dream wedding dress.
Jenny’s kids are so freaking cute but she won’t give me one. I already asked.

If you ask me to point any of these people out however, well I couldn’t.

It would come down to a process of elimination. I’d be hunting for desks with children’s drawings, melting moment crumbs and dog hair.

Alternatively, I could wander through the office and shadow the staff while mumbling ‘Jenny’, ‘Jake’, and ‘Sue’ in order to receive a response.

I’m sure that would make me look strange but who cares when no one knows I’m Danni the journalist. I could be Jenny Morris for all they know.

Anyways, just a sad thought coming off the back of the new iWatch that will no doubt add to my frustration of this millenniums constant communication movement.

Click here for my previous rant.

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