Phone calls in the sea

The new apple iWatch sure is fancy.

If you missed all the media hype, apparently a surfer can now take a phone call from underwater.

“I just need to re-schedule my hair appointment.”

I mean, what is the point of surfing if the missus can still nag you?

These poor surfers who once had the excuse of ‘sorry I missed your call, I was out in the ocean,’ now have to put up with being constantly harassed while doing an activity that is all about letting go and just riding the wave.

If they take the phone calls, I don’t think there will be much talking happening on the surfers end if they are underwater. It really was a poor choice of demonstration. Last time I tried talking underwater I only managed to blow a whole string of bubbles before swallowing a whole bunch of water.

With all the network towers going up too, the ‘out of range’ excuse is off the cards for most people.

You could be wrestling a crocodile in the centre of Australia and still get reminded to pick up dinner (crocodile stew perhaps).

The flat battery excuse died (pun intended) last year, with chargers available everywhere now in hundreds of forms.

And the amount of gadgets that allow communication now, means it’s difficult to not have at least one of them on you whether it’s a phone, watch, tablet or heck I think there are even glasses that communicate.

But is anyone else scared of what the world is coming too?

The way we are going, it won’t be long before maintaining contact with others is essential to them thinking you are even alive.

The amount of missing people searches is bound to expand, and it might be worth police removing that people must be missing for 24 hours until reported because when that came about, it was pretty hard to get hold of anyone unless they were at home sitting by a land line.

Within 10 minutes if you haven’t checked your texts, emails, Facebook, Instagram, Whats App, SnapChat, Marco Polo, Viber….you’re as good as missing.

“Officer, my 17-year-old son has not responded to my text or snap chat and was last active on Facebook  19 minutes ago. I’m fearing for his life right now,”

No one will ever be able to escape life’s daily events, take a minute for themselves or become unreachable.

What’s scarier than this is that no one wants to.

People don’t know what life is now without constantly communicating with not just their partner, but their 457 Facebook friends, Instagram followers, work contacts and family.

Me however, well….

Dear notifications,

You ruined my life.


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