How to become a…

I had a new career path wave today and decided to do the obvious and google ‘how to become a….’

I’ve stopped there because from this point in the search, all the most commonly searched items beginning with ‘how to become a’ came up.

Surely you would think the obvious popular contenders would be perhaps actor, doctor, pilot or fireman.

Or even how to become a male or female, because it is 2017 after all.

Or how to become a mermaid for the true believers out there.

Or how to become a vegan, but I guess they don’t use computers, in light of minimal energy consumption to save the planet.

However number one was….drumroll…..

How to become a JP, as in Justice of the Peace.

Did people just get that frustrated at having to find time during the week to get to a court house or police station for the one hour a day on alternate Wednesdays and Thursdays to get to a JP to have a generally much needed important document signed and stamped, that they decided to just get their own JP accreditation?

That’s sort of like becoming Chinese because the local restaurant only delivers on weekends.

Another possible factor making people look into becoming one is that they rarely work. They must get paid a fair bit to only work three hours a week.

We can’t have JP’s working into their lunch hours after all. Give the poor people a break after an hour of signing documents.

It seems the majority of people on the planet have contemplated becoming one themselves so they can authorise their own passports and tax documents.

Would that even count though? 

If a JP needs something signed by a JP, does he just whip out a pen and his stamp and hand over his document?

I’d be a JP under the table. It might be worth waiting out the front of a police station or court house and trying to find people in need of one, by wandering overt and whispering to them “Pssst. Need a JP? $20 for a signature right here, right now.”

You would make a killing I think. 

Looks like I won’t need to google my options for my new career path idea after all.

JP accreditation come at me. 

And suddenly I’m googling ‘how to become a JP’

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