It takes two to tango

In light of the mass shooting in Vegas a few days ago, US gun laws are all that is being addressed throughout media, worldwide.

The events were terrible and have shocked the world, who have turned to look for blame and a cause.

Why would anyone do this intentionally? The shock that it is not terrorism is leading everyone to blame the US gun laws.

But hey, did we forget something??

This guy blasted bullets in VEGAS. He was a professional gambler. What even is this?

Lets look at gambling addiction too. It’s a fatal diagnosis and can go unrecognised for far too long. Why don’t we target this? There are things we can do to monitor and track problem gamblers.

If the guy was high on ice, the world would look to drug suppliers, and tighten laws around dealers and users in light of the shooting.

It’s the same thing. Its an addiction. This man was ill. Yes he had a gun, but he only used it because he had a gambling problem.

There were two factors that lead to this horrible incident, yet no one has addressed the an obviously fatal disease this man had.

Blackjack + Guns + addiction + worlds biggest gambling mecca = mass shooting.

It wasn’t just that he had a gun. Just saying.


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