Be civil not criminal

There have been a lot of riots in Melbourne over the homeless people lining themselves along Flinders street station, smack bang in the middle of the city.

What a co-incidence that this comes at a time when all of Melbourne will be inundated with football fans from all Australia for Grand Final Weekend.

Basically, the people who wear the pants for the city want them gone and police are cracking down on them under Council orders because they want to ‘clean up the streets.’

That’s not cleaning up the streets. Cleaning up the streets is putting some more bins out, or spraying ajax on the kerbs.

How about tackling homelessness idiots. Get to the source of the problem. There is a reason they are all sleeping on the streets and if it can be helped, then it should be.

Stop putting reputation and financial gain above welfare.
Talk to these people like human beings and help them change their lives.

Did the government forget the whole reason for making money for the country? It’s for the people of the country! The people you are allowing to live on the streets and happy to shuffle around like they are a swarm of bees.

You can’t just knock on someone’s door and tell them to up find somewhere to live without giving them an alternate option or a darn good reason.

And they say they don’t want tourists being asked for money from the beggars, but is it fair to just kick them out of the city and expect them to make a living asking a mother of six for money in a suburban playground?

The city is where the money makers are at. And good on them for hitting up the tourists because if they can afford to holiday in Melbourne, they must be on some good coin.

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