When the banks tell porcupies

Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ANZ and NAB all announced on Sunday the unpopular $2 fee to take money out of a competitor’s ATM would be abolished due to its unpopularity.

Did they actually expect it to be popular?

Ain’t nobody instagramming selfies at the ATM with #lovepayingmore #extrafeesarethebest

This is what generally happens when something is popular, hence social media being inundated with avocado, yoga, squats and babies.

Don’t give us that ‘its unpopular’ line. We all know they are being abolished because people would rather walk an extra km to their bank’s ATM or take money out at when they get their groceries.

Or hello…..PAYPASS. Fee free and pretty much available everywhere. 

Welcome to 2017 Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ANZ and NAB.
Bathrooms are to the left, leave your coats at the door. Enjoy your stay. 
You’ll need the bathrooms for all your bullshit. 

One thought on “When the banks tell porcupies

  1. And it is worse – it seems now that most machines are run by contractors for the banks and they don’t have to abide by this deal – so some machines will not charge but many others will, no matter what!!!

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