Selective multitasking

It’s quiet often, at the cinema that you’ll be queueing up for several minutes before you get to the counter to grab a ticket and your snacks.

What I don’t understand is why people don’t use that time to decide what they want to snack on, or even see in some cases.

In a world where we are now capable of texting while having breakfast, brushing your child’s hair while discussing their new science project, you would think that multi tasking is just a natural thing for the entire world (ok wait…for women. Just women.)

So why don’t people use that time that they are queuing up and there are literally giant screens displaying the movies and the times, and the array of snacks are in front of their indecisive faces, to decide what they are seeing and what they they want to snack on?


What else are they doing in the queue? Texting most likely, because apparently they prefer to waste the snack bar attendant’s and other cinema goers time then their own.

And the other thing, is when they are faced with the decision of what to drink, they will ask “What are my options?”

What do they think there will be other then coke, diet coke, etc.

Are they expecting Kombacha on tap nowadays? Or some sort of new soft drink that has just emerged?

Then, they can’t leave without muttering about the price of the snacks. Like it’s the attendants fault, and she was the one that walked in on her first shift and said, “Lets charge $6 for a bottle of water!”

When there are people like this to tolerate, it’s no wonder people prefer to download movies and stay home. Although how on earth they decide what movie to download when they can’t even decide when it’s literally on several huge plasmas, a few feet from their face is beyond me.



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