Addicted to winning

A woman is suing the makers of a pokie machine because apparently it’s rigged.

If its ‘rigged’, don’t play it.

I feel like the only reason she believes it is rigged is because she lost money. Doesn’t she know what gambling is?

Don’t try to place blame on other factors because of your addiction. If there’s to be any blame here, its the people who have the power to ban the machines, yet have not done so (*cough* Malcolm Turnbull)

And why would they? They are making millions of dollars from people like this woman. If your on to something good, and people are into it, why stop there?

The truth is, the gaming rooms all over the country are holding every hotel in Australia afloat. 

Well, that and the $19 pints. And the $31 schnitzels.

Ok, and me. I’m a sucker for happy hour.

This woman is also moaning about the years she wasted in gaming rooms, yet she continues to waste time now trying to sue the makers of the machines.

She had an addiction. You don’t see alcoholics suing Smirnoff for introducing double blacks. The alcohol content is on the bottle, just as the odds of winning in a gaming room are pretty much splattered all over the place.

When did adults become children? If you put $5 into a toy and you never see it again, even a child would know to stop.

And yes I get it, its a mental illness and an addiction and can easily spiral out of control but at the end of the day, the ‘rigged’ machine is the last thing you should be blaming.


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