Shut. Up.

I was catching up on bachelor re-runs and came across something that really annoyed me during home visits.

Matty was meeting Tara’s family, when her brother (I didn’t catch his name, but for the sake of this article and my anger towards him, I’m calling him Mr Wanker) decided to throw some pretty rough comments at Matty, along the lines of;

“Why haven’t you just gone to a bar, and met a nice girl and found someone that way?

“Why can’t you just do that? Why would you come on this show and do it this way, when you can just meet someone so easily by going up and approaching anyone.”



Mate, this is how Matty could get laid, not married. And for a chick, it’s how you get a free drink and a hangover, and possibly pregnant and definitely not to Mr Right.


I’d guess Mr Wanker found someone at the age of 15 who is apparently is the only person out there for him, even though there would have been many other possibilities and he may have never come across true love, because he may not even know what it is. All he knows is that girl he met in science class when he was 15 had perky tits, looked good in a mini skirt and is willing to have his kids. Mr Wanker settled for Miss Popularity (Mrs Wanker after the wedding) because it was comfortable. Matty is not about to do this, and good on him!


Seriously, if it was as easy as walking into a bar and walking out with the love of your life…. this guy knows nothing!


What bars is he going to? Can I come please?

Try being single at 30 Mr Wanker. If I walked into a bar, anyone I make eye contact with is married, after sex, thirsty or with vagina.

No one goes to a bar to find their soul mate.

Idiot. Wanker. Stick to what you know.

Shut. Up.

Go get em Matty.



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